Is it the right time to renew your carpentry?

The very thought of purchasing and renewing the existing carpentry leads to a difficult, strenuous and often stressful endeavor. The basic question that comes to mind is how to choose the right doors and windows. We will try to bring you closer some of the aspects regarding the products manufactured from the wood, PVC and aluminum. Based on our years-long experience in this niche, we wish to aid you in choosing the perfect carpentry for your home.

For starters, here’s a few words about wooden carpentry that can be found in most of our households, and which has reached a phase of necessary renewal due to years-long active usage – the windows start to bend, rot, etc.

Since wood is a natural material with an outstanding ability to absorb moisture, therefore it is subject to changing its shape and dimensions, which of course is not desired for the existing windows and doors. Humidity is damages the wood to great extent, so the windows manufactured from more quality wood is somewhat expensive. Apart from that, high quality wooden carpentry requires constant maintenance (sanding, painting, polishing, etc.).

What Are the Alternatives to the Wooden Carpentry?

PVC carpentry

PVC doors and windows save the energy considerably, both during the home cooling in the summer, and home heating in the winter. Just by heating your home in the winter you take part in the total energy consumption with a staggering 50-70%. Of which, 20% is spent on heating the water in boilers and washing machines.

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Aluminum carpentry

Aluminum Carpentry is an ideal for glazing large surfaces due to its light weight and longevity, since it conforms to all shapes and sizes. Aluminum Carpentry is the perfect choice for glass facades and partition walls n business offices.

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