Mosquito blinds (mosquito nettings, fly screens) prevent insects from occupying your living spaces, whilst not reducing the amount of sunlight or disrupt the air circulation.

Types of mosquito blinds

There are two main types of mosquito blinds:

  • Fixed Mosquito Blinds
  • Roll Up Mosquito Blinds

Depending on the material from which they are manufactured, we offer:

  • PVC Mosquito Blind
  • Aluminum Mosquito Blind

Roll Up mosquito blinds can be installed on any type of opening, whereas the fixed blinds have to meet certain requirements.

Mosquito blinds are comprised of:

  1. Frame with the netting
  2. Pillars
  3. Finishing skirting, which connects the pillars and allows for hanging of the nets.

Mosquito blinds offer the following advantages:

  • Complete protection from all types of insects

  • Transparence – they do not reduce the natural lighting

  • Continuing air circulation

  • Simple and easy installing

  • The advantage of nets manufactured from fiberglass, as opposed to plastic ones, lies in their longevity. Furthermore, they are resilient to different weather conditions and they are hardly damaged.

  • Mosquito Blinds that we offer contain stainless aluminum profiles which improve their lifespan. Our Mosquito Blinds, just like all our other products, meet all present norms and standards.

Mosquito blinds can be installed on all types of PVC, Aluminum and wooden doors and windows.