Front doors that we offer, as well as our other PVC and Aluminum profile carpentry can change your home entirely and bring a special charm to it. By choosing our profiles, you will achieve much more than just material gain.

Pvc front doors / safety and elegance for your home

Front Doors aren’t just another element of design, they themselves have to meet certain demands. They absolutely have to function reliably, protect from the weather conditions and provide maximum security. Especially important are high stability, optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, protection from burglaries, long lifespan and of course, superior design.

High quality doors that we manufacture are characterized by the supreme thermal insulation and extremely high durability. Front Doors are designed to withstand more than 100.000 opening and closing operations and therefore are tested to endure more than 20 years of usage. Stability of already very stable construction can be improved further with patented metal angle-bar door frames. Front doors can be fitted with multi-point door hardware and latches with special hhinges, so they can offer a high anti-burglary level.

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