Why Inoutic Profiles?

Inoutic profiles are characterized by their innovations based on years of experience and constant improvement of technology and manufacturing. These profiles are extruded from solid PVC, and therefore they guarantee quality at very affordable rates. Due to their fine finish, maintaining Inoutic profiles is not a demanding task, and besides, the multi-chambered cross-sections provide the ultimate thermal insulation. Factory built-in off-white rubber seal strips not only provide the impermeability of wind and rain, but they also give that special charm to carpentry built from Inoutic profiles. In our experience, Inoutic system manufacturer proved to be the number one PVC profile manufacturer on our market. Inoutic profile complies with the highest demands of carpentry production. It is characterized by excellent statistics, outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation, and is also resistant to the extreme weather conditions, easy to maintain and boasts of a modern, stylized design.

Everything is custom-tailored per your requirements!

By carefully designing the profiles made from PVC materials, we can basically respond to every client’s requirement. Depending upon the client’s drafts, we can manufacture doors and windows of different shapes, sizes and styles, for old and newer constructions and residential buildings. We can also manufacture following windows and doors with various opening mechanisms: casement side hung, tilt and turn, multi-wing windows with cross bars and pillars, two-wing windows without bars, bi-folding doors, pivoting windows, fixed glazing, arched, circle and half-moon windows, windows with T-bar and pseudo-bar, front doors opening on the inside or the outside, sliding patio doors, lift and tilt sliding doors, and so much more.

Arcade PVC profile

Arcade PVC profile is a top notch, 71 mm system, 5-chamber profile with high functionality rate and beautiful, round-edged design. It offers the optimized protection from the noise, heat and offers sufficient stability. The Arcade profile meets all the criteria of modern construction.

Prestige PVC profile

PVC profile Prestige has a harmonized design, high level of functionality, outstanding sound and acoustic insulation values, and completely satisfies Energy Savings Regulation EnEV for 2012.

Technology employed in this 6-chamber profile with 76mm depth, center seals and great choice of glazing can reduce the costs of heating for up to 40%.

Characteristics of Arcade PVC Profile:

  • Profile depth: 71 mm

  • 5 chambers – Curves ensure a good water run-off

  • The insulation value of the profile: W = 1.3 W/m2K

  • The insulation value of the entire window: Uw up to 0.77 W/m2K. This exceeds by far the values of the Regulation EnEV from 2012 (Uw ≤ 0.95 W/m2K).

  • Accommodates glazing with a thickness of up to: 47 mm for thermal or acoustic insulation

  • Soundproofing up to: 44 dB (noise protection class 4)

  • Manufactured in 3 standard colors apart from white (mahogany, golden oak and walnut), with a possibility of ordering from 32 more colors.

Characteristics of Prestige PVC Profile:

  • Profile depth: 76 mm

  • 6 chambers – curves and 20° bevels ensure a perfect water run-off

  • Frame insulation value of the profile UF = 1.1 W/m2K

  • Insulation value of entire window: UV up to 0.66 W/m2K. This even exceeds the expected required values of the Energy Saving Regulation EnEV for 2012 which state that Uw should be less than 0.95 W/m2K.

  • Accommodates installation of glass with glazing thickness of up to 45 mm for better thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Soundproofing up to: 47 dB (noise protection class 5)

  • Manufactured in 3 standard colors apart from white (mahogany, golden oak and walnut), with a possibility of ordering from 37 more colors.

Titanium plus

Creatively manufactured and designed Inoutic profiles accommodate all your desires. Wide color palette will bring warmth into your living area and will disperse the monotony of urban grayness. Being a number one on the market, Inoutic went a step further with its aluminum-look profiles, and PVC profile prices. Titanium Plus line represents the strongest and most durable profile up to now. Manufactured in white, gray, and graphite-black aluminum.

Thermal insulation

Apart from the abovementioned, PVC profiles offer great thermal and acoustic insulation, air and water-proof, and have a modern design that will enhance the already beautiful atmosphere. Due to the low thermal conductivity of plastics, PVC provides a great heat protection. Cold, heat and noise don’t get inside, so bills for heating or cooling can be reduced significantly.

Hinges of german quality

In addition to the profile quality, hinges play an important role as well, since after a few years there could be problems whose fixing can cost a lot of money. In order to provide quality and longevity of our products, we chose the German company Siegenia for our mechanisms and hinges.

Protection and finishing

Surface protection of PVC profiles is basically not applied. Obtained by the extrusion process (extraction), the profile is built as it is. However, every profile is coated with a self-adhesive protective film which is removed during the installation.

Save money

Taking into consideration that nearly 70% of lost energy is through the doors, windows and outer walls, good choice and quality installation of carpentry is required.

PVC profiles are a part of everyday construction, and are held in highest regard. Outstanding uality ensures the necessary sturdiness and bearing capacity, and elements created from PVC profiles are statistically very stable. Apart from this, PVC profiles ensure a quality sound and thermal insulation, resilience to air and water, and of course modern and impressionable design. Due to the low thermal conductivity of plastics, PVC provides a great heat protection. Energy consumption and bills can be reduced significantly if there is no penetration of cold, heat and noise.