PVC windows

The manufacturing of our PVC doors and windows is always conducted in accordance with the world’s highest standards. All the requirements regarding the quality, safety, and environmental protection are met. Products are suitable for our region, and tolerate the climate changes with ease. We believe that the client deserves the best. That is why our PVC carpentry, doors and windows are of top notch quality, with just as great thermal insulation features. The installation is fast and simple, and the maintenance is effortless.

Along with the PVC doors, PVC Windows represent a very important segment of PVC Carpentry’s assortment. Nearly every room has doors and windows, which makes those openings extremely valuable when constructing new buildings, but also in renovating the old ones. Previously the windows were only used to provide sufficient lighting, and to ensure the room is insulated and aerated. In the modern architecture, windows are used for so much more than that.

Window types we do:

  • One-wing windows (single wing windows),
  • Two-wing windows with pseudo-bar
  • Two-wing windows with T-bar
  • Round PVC windows
  • Slider PVC windows
  • Arched PVC windows
  • Fixed elements for glazing

Rational Investment

Together with the constant improvement or materials for manufacturing the carpentry, the advantages of carpentry usage increase as well. So today’s windows elements are manufactured from PVC profiles and they provide high quality, functionality, thermal and acoustic insulation, modern design, easy and low-cost maintenance, and also, the diversity when it comes to the products’ shapes and sizes.

German Quality

PVC Carpentry manufactured from Inoutic (former Thyssen) profiles satisfies all domestic manufacture quality standards (JUS – Yugoslavian standards), but also all the European Union standards as well – air permeability, thermal permeability, acoustic insulation, water resistance, etc.). These products represent the best quality and cost ratio.

Economical and Durable

PVC windows are the perfect example of extraordinary technique and design. They are a combination of carefully selected profiles and as such, they are renowned for their sturdiness and durability.

There are plenty of reasons to renew your old carpentry with modern and economical materials which will provide the necessary protection from unfavourable weather conditions, bring the overall feeling of warmth in your living spaces, and which will reduce your utility bills significantly.


A lot of PVC profiles which are currently on our domestic market are of questionable origin (recycled plastics or medicinal waste plastics), therefore it is important to emphasize the ecological and safety standards which are fully met by the Inoutic PVC Carpentry.


There has been a significant increase in the manufacturing of PVC Carpentry and its sales, due to the rise of demand. We are ready to take on and meet all clients’ requirements in terms of quantity, shapes and sizes of our carpentry, and to respond to demands of the entrepreneurs dealing with all types of construction (construction carpentry).

Benefits of PVC windows

  • PVC windows profiles are sturdy and durable.
  • They can resist high temperatures, mechanical damages, etc.
  • They are suitable for installation.
  • They meet all aesthetic demands.
  • PVC doors and windows are great conservers of energy.
  • They are highly valued in the market.
  • PVC windows of our making comply with the pre-set standards when it comes to strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, and everything else in line with your demands can be upgraded.
  • The PVC window quality is ensured by the multi-chamber system, top quality hinges that allow for the windows’ stability and also protecting your home from the forced entries as well.