About aluminum carpentry

Modern architecture combines different geometrical shapes glazed in glass, and that is how modern, sophisticated and luxurious edifices are built. Aluminum carpentry with its advantage of choice of color offers you to fulfil your dreams and to perfectly fit your carpentry with particular interior or exterior.

Due to its light weight and durability, Aluminum carpentry is the optimal solution for glazing large surfaces, since it can fit into openings of all shapes and sizes. For example, you can combine Aluminum carpentry with glass facades or business offices’ partition walls.

One of the greatest faults of Aluminum carpentry lies in its energy inefficiency, since as it is known that like every metal, so is the Aluminum a great conductor of heat. However, a new type of Aluminum carpentry has been introduced to the market, which contains a thermal break. The disadvantages are thus eliminated and acoustic and thermal insulation of Aluminum carpentry have been enhanced even further.

Aluminium profiles

Aluminum Profiles from which the Aluminum carpentry is manufactured, are very smooth and are not very demanding when it comes to the upkeep. Cleaning with a damp cloth will suffice. They are highly suitable for manufacturing the Aluminum elements that will be exposed to both high and low temperatures. We offer a large color palette. One of the main features of the Aluminum carpentry is that it has a completely natural origin, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly materials that can be recycled in full.

High level of sturdiness and lightweight construction of the Aluminum carpentry makes it highly applicable in places where large surfaces require glazing.

Why aluminum carpentry?

Aluminum carpentry possesses advantages that other materials simply don’t, and provides quality that is being noticed by an increasing number of customers. Aluminum Profiles from which the Aluminum carpentry is manufactured guarantee a long durability, and because of their notable characteristics they are used for production of individual carpentry elements, in places where PVC and wooden profiles cannot be used. Besides being extremely resilient to weather conditions and due to its weight being lighter than PVC, Aluminum carpentry is often used in construction of large elements, such as business offices, shop windows, large garage doors, etc. It is important to emphasize that Aluminum profiles are characterized by sturdiness which enables the stability of installed elements.

Advantages of Aluminum Carpentry:

  • Durability and effortless maintenance

  • Sturdiness and resilience to corrosion

  • Lighter than PVC, which makes it an ideal choice for glazing the non-standard frames of large dimensions.

  • Modern look and large color palette

  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation (with thermal break)

  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable

  • Glossy smooth surface (powder coated raw aluminum)

  • High resilience to extreme weather conditions

  • A wide selection of profiles and prices, depending upon the general purpose

  • Possibility of manufacturing elements larger than PVC or wooden profiles

  • Disadvantages of Aluminum carpentry are weaker thermal insulation and higher pricing, compared to PVC carpentry.