ClimaGuard Solar – thermal insulation glass

In comparison with an ordinary insulation glass, ClimaGuard Solar insulation glass represents the thermal insulation in its finest. Flat glass and transparent, extremely thin coating on the surface of the ClimaGuard glass ensures a high percentage of light transmission (66%), excellent thermal insulation (Ug = 1.1 W / m2K) and solar control (only permits 42%).

Shade during the hot weather

In order to ensure the shade and comfortable temperature in living spaces, you need an appropriate insulation during the summer as well. Insulation glass takes care or your temperature needs in the summer since it blocks the entering of the sun’s excessive heat energy and UV rays, whereas the traditional glass permits 80% of sun heat and makes living conditions practically unbearable. ClimaGuard insulation glass units permit only 42% of total solar energy. Low heat conductibility allows for the low temperature inside the glass ass well, which ensures both great comfort in your living area and massive energy savings.

Save energy when it’s freezing outside

Since energy fuel prices are raising, we are forced to use this type of insulation and to reduce the heat loss. In winter times, ClimaGuard insulation glass can reduce heating bills for up to 50%.

ClimaGuard Solar glass willcreate a pleasant atmosphere in your home, no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

Installation of ClimaGuard insulation glass is an investment which will pay off in relatively short period of time, multifold. The total energy saving per annum can be cost-effective and save you several hundreds of euros.