Blinds are a unique product that can serve for multiple purposes. They can easily be installed on every type of carpentry.

What are the benefits of installing blinds?

  1. Solar protection in summertime, which refreshes the living areas and provides the shade.
  2. If used properly, blinds can save your energy and reduce the cost for 10% in wintertime.
  3. High quality thermal and acoustic insulation
  4. Protection from the wind, rain, snow, hail and extreme weather conditions
  5. Anti-burglar protection
  6. Keeps the prying eyes away
  7. Protection of carpentry

Types of blinds

Depending on the material they are manufactured from:

  1. PVC Blinds
  2. Aluminum Blinds

Depending on the installation type:

  1. Blinds with Inside Box
  2. Blinds with Outside Box

For all those who follow the latest trends, we offer installation of motorized remote control blinds, which reduce the handling to a minimuma.

We offer a large color palette so our clients can fulfill their wishes by creating just the perfect combination of façade and carpentry.